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Originally Posted by flyman View Post
Very nice I enjoy seeing different parts of the country. Is that in the Driftless area?
No, the Driftless area is in southwest Wisconsin in the Mississippi River drainage. This stream is in central Wisconsin in an area known as the Sand County area. This area is flat with sandy soil. The Driftless has a lot of hills and valleys, not that much different from much of Tennessee. Sand County area streams are crystal clear, low gradient, and do have good populations of brook and brown trout. But, these streams require a fair amount of skill to regularly catch trout out of them. They are best fished on a cloudy or drizzly day.
These streams are not as popular as those in the Driftless wherein lies part of the charm. I have very seldom run into another fisherman on this creek. It's really nice having all that great fishing to myself.
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