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I started tenkara fishing about this time last year and have done so almost exclusively since then. The advantages to me (of tenkara, not the flies) are:

- simpler, smaller set up (no reel, plus I can put a spare rod in my pack)
- good method to get a near perfect drift
- for some reason the simplicity appeals to me and seems more fun. Almost the more primitive the better, that's just me

It's definitely not magic, and not everyone's thing but I really like it and have also been using mostly western flies. Try a topwater like a neversink and a woolly worm or something similar. I think you could fish all season with just those 2, although I don't get into the "one fly" thing.

I know I could have pared down my traditional fly fishing outfit too and had some of the same experience, but since I started tenkara fishing, I can fit all of my gear for a day - including 2 rods, several flies, extra tippet (4lb flouro), water bottle, snacks, all in one small Camelbak bag. Easy to just grab and go.

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