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The reverse hackle flies do have good action and you can fish them at most levels of the water column so some tenkara fisherman that use them leave them on in most fishing situations and hence spend more time fishing than changing flies.

Could do the same with a woolly worm or traditional soft hackle fly, etc. I think many tenkara guys go with the reverse hackle because it seems to be the trad fly for the gear (total guess on my part), but for reasons mentioned above I think it would be an effective fly - but so would most if you put it in the water, in front of the fish, with the right presentation.

But to skunked again, I would be glad to tie you some and send to you but mine are not great:

If you want some though, send me a pm with your address and I'll send you a dozen or so, but it's as good as time as ever to start tying and tie you some woolly worms. The ones in the pics are tied with deer hair and don't have as much action as feather hackle. I have since started using squirrel hair for hackle and it moves better, but still not as good as feathers, but I don't use feathers cause I'm cheap.

Here's one (kind of) with a bead and using squirrel hair.

I've quit using reverse hackle flies but did give them a whirl.
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