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Troutfest was a great event and during those years, the Little River Chapter of TU raised a lot of money to donate to the Park. Additionally, thousands of people attended and enjoyed it.

What many people don't realize is the time commitment involved for some of the volunteers. I served as chairman, website designer and handled vendors for three years. I don't think I ever worked less than 200 hours per year on the event during that time. Other volunteers donated that many hours or more. Some worked half that many hours but that is still a huge commitment.

Without new people to come on board and take over for some of us, we got tired of doing it.

Also, since this was an outdoor event, the perfect storm on Friday night had the potential to destroy the event, leave the vendors without a venue, banquet tickets proceeds would be refunded and basically, the TU Chapter would be broke. Fly fishing manufacturers spent a lot of money getting here and paying for the celebrities. We spent $7,000 just to rent the tents, tables and chairs. The risk of holding an expensive outdoor event was troublesome for many of us. We never looked into event insurance.

I think the Little River Chapter will hold a fundraiser banquet in 2014. I am certain it will be a great event and I'm looking forward to it. We have great leadership in place to make this happen.

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