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Originally Posted by bigsur View Post
Thanks today to Byron, Daniel, and the LRO crew for a great Saturday morning! I was able to pick up a signed by the author of 100 Trout Streams book, some new flys, hit Elkmont and see some Little River TU chapter friends!. Thanks to all!

How'd you do on Elkmont?

I had to do water samples and fished Jake's Creek for an hour afterward, but only got 3 bumps all of which were first casts on the pool with most pools being empty. First skunking in a long time With water temps of 38 at Road Prong and only 43 at park headquarters I wasn't expecting much but did want a fish or two. Left my camera at home by accident and for once it didn't even matter

Stopped by LRO on way home with a warm welcome from the staff of LRO and watched Rex Wilson tie some realistic looking stoneflies and chatted with him for a half hour or so. Left and felt guilty on the way home as this was my first visit to LRO where I didn't buy anything

Another upside of the trip was this was the first time I was able to try Watershed permanent dry fly floatant. While I did still have to use some frogs fanny after it hit a fishes mouth, it only took one instead of two applications to get it to float high again. Probably similar to that abolene stuff I have heard many of you trying. While I will have to experiment some more with it (when catching fish), I think it may well be worthy the $5
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