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Default Weird Day

A couple of weekends ago me and some buddy's rented a house with private riverfront on the SoHo. The house is down low on the western side of the river dang near Bluff City.
Across the river some people that owned a big cabin were building an additional cabin on the same property.
While they were building the cabin fri.-sat., they had two big German Shepards running around innocuously.
Both dogs and owners were friendly.
Anyway, we were fishing sun. morning and I noticed the owners driving off leaving the dogs to run free.
So, I continued fishing til I got within about 30ft., in knee deep water, from " their" bank.
Out of the blue one of the shepards came charging across the property snarling ferociously and stopped with its paws barely in the water just goin nuts.
So I started slowly back pedaling to find me a more relaxing run when the other big a$$ dog comes running across their property straight at me (going nuts), leaps into the water, and chomps hard into my retreating butt knocking me down in the process.
It was on me hard and all I could think of was to protect my neck.
I rolled on my back and started kicking and yelling at the dog (again, in the middle of the river!), it bit the crap out my foot and finally took off back to shore like nothing happened.
It ripped a big hole in the butt of my Simms and my toe felt broken.
After getting my soaked clothes off I found a big blooming bruise on my butt and a big bruise on my foot.
I waited another hr. to see if the owners would return.
They didn't and I headed back to K-town and my waders headed to Bozeman.
I actually turned down racing a motorcycle woods race for hitting the SoHo instead.
Guess I shoulda done the safe thing and raced.
Fishing sucked (unusually) too!

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