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Originally Posted by Sandman View Post
I know Joe Fred has the digital stuff...wonder if he has actual paper maps..ahem...JoeFred...
I have the free map and while very nice, I would like something a little more detailed. Next year, I'm gonna have the big browns marked.
Thanks, Sandman. I don't like to pitch sales here on the message board, and I certainly don't want to deprive Mac of an opportunity to help a buddy out , but we still print maps (on demand necessarily) for purchase, albeit on waterproof paper*. I once offered the option of purchasing them on regular paper, but that didn't prove to be popular at all. But... below is a link to another free overall park map. You can print it or have someone else print it in any size from 11x17 (recommended minimum) to... say 4+ feet wide without loss in bluelines, etc., resolution. Most well equipped copy centers (I use Rix Copies in Morristown) can color laser print up to 13x19 for under $3 or output on wide format inkjets charging by the square foot.

I purposely made this version less busy to allow penciling in "big brown trout" data.

Anyone wishing to have a third party print the file (strictly for your personal use, of course), please submit a request for my permission for such using the form at I will try to respond within a few days.

“Joe” Fred Turner
Southern Appalachian Stream Maps

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