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Originally Posted by Drifter View Post
If you don't report it....someone else may be a victim and not so lucky. I'd suggest calling animal control and file a report. If they do their job....they will do a site visit and follow up with the owner.

My initial reaction would have been to shoot the dog as well, which is a sad thought being i'm a dog lover.
Like the other's have stated, you should report this on account of it could be a child or elderly person the next time. You could have fallen, hit your head & killed yourself. That report would have been just that & no one would have known better.
I to am glad that the worse thing is the loss of a pair of waders, sure beat's what could have happened.

I had a neighbor once that had 2 highly trained German Sheperds, he told me once to never come around them if they weren't home, that's kind of hard to figure being they had 2 vehicles. I went be boping over there one day, not thinking because his truck was there, they went to the porch & sat. They started growling the closer i got, i then remembered what he said & started backing away while they sat there looking.

Now, if they were at home, i could walk in the yard & they'd run out wanting to play, licking all over you & acting like they were your dogs.
He said all it took for them was one word to go into this disposition & i highly respected the dogs for their intelligence, i wonder if this is the same scenario tat happened here & the one dog over stepped it's boundary?

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