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Default 2 flies

A few years ago, I was joking around with my buddy El Presidente' and told him I was going to spend an entire year fishing nothing but a size 14 EHC in sparkle orange and when I felt that I needed to fish a nymph, I would drop a size 16 BHPT from it. That joke ended up turning into reality and I fished that combination through all four seasons; on wild streams, Hiwassee, Caney and the Clinch. I caught the absolute snot out of fish. Never once did I feel I was handicapping myself.

I do tie flies, so I always have a flybox full of various patterns, but those two flies are always my "go to" patterns. In late winter and early spring I will fish a size 12 parachute adams, specifically when I think I can catch a nice brown on top.

I'll also fish a size 16 zebra midge in tailwaters. I'll tie two versions, one with silver wire and bead; and one with black wire and bead. Most people don't fish such a large midge, but I feel that the fewer bites I get is more than made up with more solid hook-ups and fish brought to hand when I do get a strike.

That's it. 99.378% of the time, those are the only flies of mine that touch the water while trout fishing.
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