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Well I had enjoyed three great days fishing the Creede area, I had three days still to go on this trip and a good friend had insisted that I needed to branch out because of the fire and hit some new water in Colorado. And his suggestion was that since I was an Arkansas boy … … the Arkansas River drainage ought to be the perfect place to start my new water searches. As I headed out of Creede I was moved to take a couple pictures and I sincerely wondered at the logic of leaving this beauty ………

But then I got to my destination and ran into this type scenery and “I knew that my friend had written the perfect country and western song” … … oh sorry got carried away there my friend had made the perfect camping suggestion.

I found a camp site a short wander from a normal camping area and was pretty sure that I would have the solitude I craved even in an area that gets a bit too much use. The view was off the charts but even that couldn’t sway me as I knew it was time to head out and fish.

The campsite from the river was just as good and I hoped the fishing would be even better than that. If you look closely in the first photo you can see the tent behind the tree in the middle.

And as to the fishing I will let these tell you for yourself

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