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The fishing was so good I really wasn’t even thinking about it, just casting wading and soaking up the world around me catching fish in spite of my poor fishing and poor concentration but most of all thoroughly enjoying my time on the water and thoroughly appreciating my friend who sent me here. No matter how many times I have reached out for fishing opportunities from my friends I always seem to luck out and find a friend willing to share a personal favorite and send me somewhere that becomes one of my own personal favorites. And if some of you happen to figure out where I am fishing please don’t tell anyone as that will be the last location advice I ever get if I accidentally give away something important. I fished until it didn’t feel honorable to fish anymore because I wasn’t even focusing on the fish anymore. So I stopped and grabbed a few more of what I hope are classic river shots and headed back to camp.

I went back and poured a bourbon, lit a cigar and grabbed the camera for a few sunset shots.

Cooked me a steak and took one last final sunset shot before turning in for the night

I fell asleep that night counting my blessings for being allowed to even visit this wonderful place much less getting to call it home for a few days. I woke refreshed and relaxed the next morning only to realize that the sunrise hadn’t diminished the beauty at all.

The fishing the next day was relaxed and easy, not in terms of number of fish but in style and fishing lust. I had reached that point in the week where I was enjoying the fishing but I didn’t have that driving lust … … just a love and respect.

I actually found myself spending part of the afternoon spending time focusing on the camera and some attempted unique shots instead of one more brown. Hard to believe it is me typing these words and with a windy 20 degrees outside as I do type these words I wish I had those moments back to fish harder……… not really … … in the end we follow what we truly want to do … … when we want to do it.

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