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I know this is going to be a shock to some of you but I found myself back at the camp with a very generous share of bourbon in a tin coffee cup and not enough energy (or maybe not enough desire) to go pump more creek water… … and as such I cannot be held accountable for the artistic integrity of the upcoming few shots as my leisurely evening ended up with a cork bottle top being consumed by flames….. and as at least a few of you know … …. that means an empty bottle by morning.

If I were a betting man I would bet on the side that I slept pretty soundly that night… … although I must admit the details of that night are a little hazy… …. Actually I am not sure I have memories of taking the fire shots…….. but according to the camera it did appear I had fun… … and I did awake with a smile on my face. But in case you were wondering if I answered the bell the next day here is a morning after shot……… and a better place to sweat out a hangover I must admit I haven’t found yet.

For my last day in Colorado for the year… … even now that causes me pain to write those words. I decided to fish a very famous and difficult section of the main Arkansas river where the fish are reportedly shy and finicky and success is measured in refusals not in landed fish. And as you guys can tell from my posts over the years, I am a tried and true small stream fisherman and tend to automatically go to small, hungry and aggressive fish versus large, overfed and picky fish any day of the week. But I decided I wanted a challenge … … to make that even more fun I might have been a little hung over and out of sorts when I pulled into the parking lot. There were more TU stickers, Orvis gear and high, high end $$ rods in that parking lot than I could count. So I laughed to myself when I decided to skip the waders and just wet wade the **** thing. There were about twenty people spread heavily over the first four holes that I walked past. I just couldn’t quite bring myself to elbow my way into the throng of anglers so I just kept walking. The good news about being stubborn is that we just keep walking even if we don’t want too… … solitude is more important than the pounding in my head.

I saw some gorgeous water that was finally empty for a couple of holes so I dropped in and began to fish. I was throwing a dry/dropper and fished about three great holes in all of the classic positions but didn’t even get as much as a flash of refusal. I was coming up out of a hundred yards of classic slow brown type water where I had batted zero out of zero, when I saw some boiling fast fairly deep water rushing by in a long deep riffle, well I was walking by I flipped my dry dropper in and I will be ****ed if that 30 inch dropper didn’t get just absolutely clocked by a nice little brown.

As I rounded the bend at the top of the picture the water looked like this……… focus on the water if you can even though the scenery isn’t bad either.

Well even in my hung over state I realized that this wasn’t dry dropper water, even if every fisherman I had talked to today had been talking midges and slow pools … … **** this looks like old chuck and duck water to my old Georgia boy self … … but then I am not much of a trout fisherman as you guys already know. I forced my hung over blood shot eyes to focus long enough to retie a good old fashioned deep winter North Carolina double lead, double deep nymph rig. Figuring that this would be a waste of time but small and delicate on top hadn’t exactly been turning the trick either had it. And how did that work you may ask … … well as my old daddy used to say “even a blind sow finds an acorn eventually“. And these are just a few of the riches I stumbled upon.

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