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As I was walking out of the river happy as boy who has to leave Colorado in a few hours can be, I ran into a few expert fly fisherman who told me how if I had fished the littlest midges in the slow pools like they did I might have caught a one or two fish like they did, one even told me he had caught one that was almost twelve inches long. As they say God protects idiots and drunks and those that know me best have still not been able to agree on which of those terms suits me best … … but it was a **** of a fishing trip … … and even more fun as an adventure. Thanks to those of you who offered advice and potential locations, hopefully I have kept your confidences to your satisfaction.

P.s. … now that the writer’s block is broken I have recently taken trips to Wyoming, Nantahala, “the bird” and even have an upcoming trip to the White River in Arkansas that will need long winded photo heavy reports so more to come soon for those that have the patience to read of my adventures.
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