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Default San Juan Worms

I fish up at the South Holston behind the dam every chance I get and the guys at the South Holston River Fly Shop told me to add some San Juan worms to my fly box in pink, purple, etc. I had never seen one of these critters in a river so I asked why they were effective and they said these worms get washed into the river after heavy rains. I saw a guy using them on a spinning reel setup and he had caught several rainbows on them. I've yet to catch fish on the San Juan Worm on my fly rod but just passing on what they told me there. And I haven't tried them in the Smokies but intend to do that this spring. The guys at the SOHO fly shop said they had found it helpful when tying them to burn the ends of the chenille to make it more blunt looking. Harry
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