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Sat two weeks ago, I was wandering off trail in the Cades Cove area following a Buck scrape line for photo ops. I was deep in the woods, alone, and decided to take a break. After a few mins passed I turned to my right, took two steps, and looked straight into what I thought was a black angus cow's face. Except,, it wasn't a black angus cow. It was a large black bear! My worst fears realized, I slowly backed away until I could no longer see the bear. At that point I found the most open part of the forrest towards the road and I ran all the way back to the truck. Didn't bother to take his picture... How a creature that large crept up on me with all the dead limbs on the forrest floor is amazing, and very spooky. Be careful out there the Bears aren't asleep...

Some of the Deer images I managed to capture can be found here.
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