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I've seen bears every month of the year. Sows with cubs may be more prone to stay close to a den, but males will move around and feed during warm spells. It's my understanding that most of our bears don't go into the type of deep hibernation that their Northern cousins do. I'm not too scared of the average bear, an old sick bear or one that's habituated to people concerns me somewhat, but not enough to keep me out of the woods.

As far as the fishing goes, it can be hit or miss. If you can catch a few days where water temps are on the rise you might catch a few fish. Look for a stream that gets the afternoon sun. Fish in the warmest part of the day. Make several drifts through a run, fish generally won't move very far or chase food like they will when the water is warmer. Be sure you are getting the fly down. If you aren't getting hug up every once in a while you aren't fishing deep enough. Carry a thermometer. If the water temp is less than 40 consider moving to another stream or a lower elevation.

Fish close to the road, take extra cloths in case you fall in. Don't get too far from the vehicle. Fish areas that get some traffic. Car trouble or getting stuck could make for a long night.
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