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Default That is a great summer list.

Originally Posted by surfdog View Post
I don't post often, I am not an expert or local, I have fished gsnp for 10 days in early summer for the past 5 yrs and can say 4 patterns are all you need.anything that resembles a yellow sally,I tie an extended body foam that gets lots of hits.greenie weenie in colors [green ,pink ,red] I use the spirit river squirmy wormy material and have fish fighting over my offerings. I have found a foam beetle [14-16] can create a fun response and my bow to david knape is a tellico nymph. of course all can be altered to create thousand of flies
I really like the list you have and I see what you are saying. I have come to the realization based on input from forum members and my limited experience, these park fish aren't to picky about the fly as long as the color and size is right. The real trick is to be stealthy with a proper drift. That is the reason for me trimming the fat on patterns. Just want to be able to tie a few flies really good rather than tie many patterns ok. Plus I have been bit by the catch them on your own fly bug.
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