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I tie my RFSN's weighted three ways. 1)Weighed heavily, with two tungsten beads ,one under thorax, other at head, along with lead wire to get them down toward the end of snow melt. 2) Weighted by tungsten bead head only 3) then just lead wire. I use the lighter two in the Smokies.

I use rubber legs on my ties for larger Western rivers and wind saddle hackle legs for streams where the trout have a better view, due to slower flow and clarity, similar to Smokies.

I had surgery last winter so I did a lot more tying than testing this summer. I've played with converting some of Ray Bergman's wet fly patterns into small streamers. I found that the squirrel and calf tail need to be tied sparse and have some superglue on their bases as they are tied in. (They are "hard" and slippery if you don't).
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