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Originally Posted by softhackle View Post
Nice job. When I first saw the outline of the Little River watershed I was going to suggest why don't you get a liner and a pump have water flowing through it. Looks like you were ahead of me on that one.
During winter do you have to take the fish inside or will the pond stay open all winter?
Thanks, softhackle. In this climate zone, the fish can survive with the pond being as little as 18 inches deep, which is about what the larger preformed ones run. If using liner only I recommend digging down at least 24 inches and more if living in more northerly zones. It was once the case that you should not feed the fish if water temperature is less than 50F, but some food is now available for spring and fall use that they will supposedly eat at temps as low as 39F. There must be the means to inject oxygen year round, which can be tricky when surface freezes.

Originally Posted by Bran View Post
Dibbs on one of the cabins up on Jake's creek before some gubberment feller comes along and claims it! Nice job by the way!!
Thanks, Bran, I may get some nice brochures printed up.

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