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Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
Good stuff!
Before too long it will take a Blue Tuna on a flyrod to satisfy you
No point in visiting the Smokies anymore
I guess I will just have to start focusing on those brown tuna in LR next time I make it up there...

Originally Posted by flyman View Post
WOW! Really some nice fish. I would love to make that trip one day. May I ask what fly patterns you were fishing?
I wish I could say that they were all taken on hand tied intruder patterns on the swing but unfortunately that was not the case... at least not yet!! Eggs, eggs and more eggs. You can usually get them to hit as long as you change it up enough and have everything else dialed in. It is really about having the right size and or color though more so than the pattern.

Case in point:
scenario - on the float, by late afternoon we all three had switched to orange egg patterns as it is somewhat of a go-to color for late in the day with the conditions that we had. We were all drifting the same run and I hook up! Fight fish, reset, few more drifts, hooked up again! Buddies start asking "which" orange pattern I had?? Everyone's still drifting, no takes for them. I hook up again! My buddy says "that's it, I'm changing!" Switches out to the same size and pattern that I had been using and hooks up on the first drift!

This past trip has really made a believer out of me for the whole "does color really matter" argument, at least with steelhead. Also, small black stones worked here and there as a fall back. And can not stress enough regarding tippet! Usually it needs to be in the 4-6lb range (fluoro) to get consistent hook-ups. Almost all these fish were landed on 6lb and some on 5lb. On higher, stained water, maybe you can get away with 8lb but it would make me anxious, especially if I went all day not getting any takes.. If you need any info on making a trip up there one day, let me know...

Tight Lines,

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