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Originally Posted by hungNtree View Post
Which would you prefer? Black or white? I'm thinking white would show the fish better for pics, but (I may be being a little nuts here) I'm thinking the fish may spook more at a white net? I don't know, but as always, thanks in advance!

I have several of the ghost nets, but none in black. I think the fish is going to spook with a white or a black net. The white may be a little less probable. I believe the key is to wait until the last moment to bring your net in the picture to land the fish. I know this is not always applicable; but, if you practice your landing; you can learn to be sneaky with getting the fish in it.

*The best tip I can offer for landing fish is to squat down to water level when possible to land them. This positions gives you the most leverage and makes it easier to control your setup.

As for rubber nets; I have stopped carrying them on my packs and just use them for boat nets. They are too heavy and cumbersome for my pack use. Hope this information helps you bud.
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