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Originally Posted by lexfly View Post
Is there a way to determine if you have a good balance without loading a reel with flyline and putting it on the rod? E.g. a formula or rule of thumb of some kind?
This is actually something that takes experience with various setups to identify quickly. However; most people should be able to feel the balance of the rod + reel in their hand and see if it is comfortable. Ideally; you want the hand-hold spot to be the (natural) pivot-point of your rod. The rod should feel very neutral while holding at this point (not too heavy in back or front).

You really need to have the reel loaded as well to feel this ideal. Dialing in a balanced rig is not a rule; but, makes a big difference in an elegant cast with efficiency.

Hope this helps and does not confuse. Do not worry too much about it. Do your best and learn. That is the fun part about FF. Nothing is perfect for everyone and all that matters is you have fun safely!
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