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Not sure if this was what you were looking for this was part of a report in a newspaper up your way. Looks like recent info from Monday via KY Wildlife, hope this helps.

"The department is stocking more and bigger fish in Lake Cumberland and the tailwater below Wolf Creek Dam in anticipation of the lake returning to normal levels this year.

The prolonged drawdown was prompted by emergency dam repair work that started in 2007. While the lake remained low to help reduce stress on Wolf Creek Dam, bushes and trees that grew along its banks will provide good fish cover once it is flooded by the lake’s rising water.

“It will be almost like a new lake effect for the next several years,” said Fisheries Division Director Ron Brooks.

A project to improve and reroute Hatchery Creek downstream of the dam should get underway this year. Contractors will build a new one-mile channel featuring numerous pools and riffles extending to the Cumberland River."
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