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Originally Posted by bmadd View Post
After being taken by the trout bug this past October, I'm looking to catch more of them throughout the new year. While I'd love to make several trips to the park, I don't know if I'll be able to make more than one. The Caney and the Duck river are close enough to make day trips to though. I have never fished tailwaters. I know only enough to know that I know little enough to drown. Any good resources, reading material, etc. out there where I can learn about flows, discharges, avoiding the nuisance canoer, etc. Thanks guys.
I am working on something for 2014 that I hope will help you "Find The Joy of Fly Fishing"!

In the meantime; use the search feature on this fabulous website to find some excellent archived posts about The Clinch and other great tailwaters...

Give me an email as well; sometimes I get a free spot in my boat and you are welcome to join if you want to experience some of the Clinch...

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