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Default needing a little help

i broke my favorite rod this past october and finally sent it in for the no fault warranty. man they flipped it at light speed, it was there and back in less than a week! the problem is, since it is a custom built rod they sent me back the new broken portion as a blank, along with the original broken piece, and a new blank tip. (it was stated in the warranty that custom rods would be replaced with blanks but i was hoping they wouldn't notice) now i have 5 pieces to a 4 piece rod and only 3 of them are usable. i was wondering if there was anyone local who could put this back together and is reasonably priced? i would also like the tip finished so i have a spare when i inevitably slam a door shut on it. the only difference with this rod as far as i can tell is it does not have snake guides, and the guides are black. it has gold wrap above the ferrules but i don't know if that is standard or not.

right now i am just looking for an estimate. i still have contact info for the man in alabama who built this rod but i would like to avoid shipping yet again, and to buy local this time if i can.

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