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The Rod is a Jim Schaafe made Creede which is a 7 ft 4 wt which was built in 1970's, I bought it after the beginning of my bamboo addiction because of its name and my love of the Creede area. Since then I have fallen in love with the rod as much as the area. So much so that I even found Jim's grave in Creede and went and told him "personally" thank you for making the rod, well as personal as a person to grave conversation can be. The reel is an Adams reel made by Gary Lacey.

As to the handgun Rick claims bears are the reason he wears it I claim he wears it just cause he likes to wear it and he thinks it looks cool....... but what do I know I am just the old man in the deal. If he keeps taking me fishing he can wear whatever he wants.

thanks for the kind words everyone.

Arkansas White River story still to come when I get time

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