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DK is as usual, right on..

The new resins used in rod manufacturing these days, like those from 3M, are being substituted for overall blank thickness in an effort to reduce weight and supposedly increase rod strength. In theory, it all sounds well and good. New technology is always going to be better right..?? Increase the strength of the bond between graphite fibers with trick new resin molecules and boom... you just made the rod stronger. Now that the rod is stronger internally, you can cut down on diameter thickness to reduce weight since it's not needed anymore... The problem lies in the fine line that is now created relating to the ratio of strength/durability vs. blank thickness/weight. Are these new rods lighter... absolutely. Are the rods stronger... yes. Do they cast and feel great... yes. Are they better.... well, it's certainly a discussion point. I think that with these rod companies trying to tiptoe that line, there comes some compromises. One of those compromises is that due to the nature of how these new rods are designed, they don't appear to be as robust across the board as what we are typically use to in a rod. Does that mean that these new rods are inferior in some way... no, I don't believe so, it's just something new.

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