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The "no impact" thing is on established populations. They're still trying to re-establish the native brook trout population to a sustainable level before opening it back up to fishing. Unfortunately, after the bootleg rainbow restocking a couple of years ago that required a reboot of the whole restoration effort, and the flooding events of the last two winters (2013 & 2014) they don't have a good recruitment of new fry since the last stocking to open it back up again.

According to Matt Kulp's presentation on this topic at last Thursday's LRCTU meeting, it will probably be another couple of years before they will be able to open Lynn Camp back up for fishing. They do plan to reseed it with another infusion of brookies from other streams again this year, but if we get the same sort of high-water events next December/January when the fry are most vulnerable, it may set things back some more. But they are making progress and hope to have it back open again soon.
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