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Originally Posted by Rockyraccoon View Post
Those are some great pictures.

I've seen a book, published by the TVA, documenting the damming of the entire Hiwassee River watershed. It had detailed maps, pictures and information on exactly what the workers and tradesmen went through to build these dams and reservoirs.

I've always been amazed at what those men did with pick axes, sledge hammers and tnt.

I have one of those books for The Norris Dam. It is called "The Norris Project" and details every aspect about the building of Norris Dam. It was a rare find and I had to divy up $140 for it. However; I still find it interesting to open up and read certain sections again. My only quandary about it is that they did not plan for cold-water fishing like they did for lake fishing.

If you look closely at the fields below Norris Dam; you can tell that they used to be ponds at one time. Also; most people probably have noticed the irrigation pipes besides the trails. There were three fish hatchery ponds below the dam that raised mostly bass.

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