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I think you are in a quandary with wanting to row this rig. As Billspey stated; most boats of this type have a limited rocker and include a chine style in their hull.
This makes it difficult to row laterally. Although, most boats of this style are row-able in slack water if you have limited forces working against it.

I would look at a shallow water john-boat and add a 70lb thrust trolling motor (need at-least two-batteries/depending on voltage[+80-90lbs. weight in boat]) and forget the rowing aspect. Also; you will want to add a skid plate to your trolling motor to save on blades. I have the one pictured below and it works fabulous. It was very easy to install and just took a few minutes. Note; it seems expensive at around $130-but, it has saved me 4-5 props at $35 over the past couple of years. I needed a new prop about every 3 months when I did not have the guard and I have not needed a new once since I installed the prop guard a few years ago. I think it is called a Mac's River Runner or Prop Guard...(?)

This type of boat will do you well for the most part if you weight it correctly and be mindful to lift the trolling motor when crossing drags. Also; it is easy to patch with bondo and resin to fix dings. If you plan on adding a boat motor for fishing during generation; I would stay away from the rectangular john-boats and go with a semi-v. These boats love to capsize with a just a little pressure on the gunwales.

Hope this information guides you well!
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