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Thanks for the input guys. I suspected as much. Just wondering if the "Power Drifters" from different companies are over selling the rowability of these boats. Guess I want the best of both worlds but maybe I am being too wishful. I would be looking at tailwaters like the Cumberland and Caney, as well as bigger rivers like the Ohio closer to home. So that is my quandry, I want rowability for the tailwaters, but want the motor for the bigger water like the Ohio.

Sandman - Thanks for the offer, that is kind of you. I would love to sometime but I am a little bit out of the area.

Shawn - I talked to a builder up in Michigan (Stealth Crafts) and he talked about the skid plate on his ATB models that uses a 25 or 30 HP prop motor. That boat has more of a rocker on it and is the second boat I am looking at. That vs a "power drifter." He uses the Rock Hopper version on his props and said the same that it has saved a lot of props. If I go that route I will definitely get a guard plate of some sort.

Thanks for the guidance guys and sharing your experiences. It definitely helps.

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