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Originally Posted by 2weightfavorite View Post
The rainbows will be back... maybe and hopefully in less numbers, but its impossible to keep them out. Even if no more vigilante stockings occur ...


How would more rainbows occur without more stocking? Shy of them swimming up Kick Your Dog Falls, they would have a real hard time.

Matt wouldn't elaborate, but seemed to have some info on who did the stocking, and when you looked at his map during the presentation, you could see the contamination area was right at a river crossing. He also took full responsibility for the other contamination spot.

I worked to stock some of the original Lynn Camp Brookies with Matt Kulp, and Bugg from this forum, and when we came back the next year we were shocking up lots healthy monsters and YOY in the lower section of river.

With the rains coming again this week, I'm glad as a paddler, but hate it for the Brookies

Also a major point no one has made yet. Matt did say the numbers high up (where flooding is much less of an issue) were good. He also mentioned that he would have left Lynn Camp open to fishing, and the closing of the stream was a decision by Steve Moore who thought it should be closed because he thought fisherman would have lousy success during the transition and that would somehow translate it opposition to the project.

And while the updated Lynn Camp info was real nice to have, the real "Pearls" of the night was the update on the new genetics project. Matt did a great job of dummying it down to something we could digest.

Can't wait to throw some more in the lower stretch this Summer to make up for what these rains have done
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