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Have run a 40/30 jet on a number of the rivers in Tenn and in Ky, and have observed a guide on Ky rivers using a power drifter with a jet and also rowing set-up. For the Ky river you mentioned the power drifter might be a good choice mainly because round rocks comprise the bottom there. For the Tenn rivers I think the hard vertical and horizontal geologic substrate conditions ( solid rock ridges) at minimum flows would not be attractive to that boat set up; Rocky s suggestion is a better set up for flexibility in Tenn tailwaters. No jet or motor is attractive to wading fishermen (and some drift boat anglers) and some of the tight minimum flow passages to get downstream in a heavy boat are hard to clear, and clearing them under jet or prop power can/does lead to some hostile reactions from the neighboring fishermen. Probably not as bad as the reaction to the guy in the Hovercraft last year in the Clinch when rocks were thrown at his return upstream after going down a few miles from Peach Orchard, but bad enough to discourage a repeat performance.
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