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Originally Posted by Jswitow View Post
For any of you who may be interested, this moon phase, high water and cold should have the run in full swing. I have not fished it in two years now, so can't say whether there are many fish up there. I bet there will be some, as it was slow in 2010 and 2011. These things seem to be somewhat cyclical. I know there has been talk of otters as well at the mouth of the creek... I do hope to get over some this winter, and typically I have not seen fish before Thanksgiving. With the DH situation now in place there should be plenty of fish to keep your attention even if the Lakers are scarce. I thought that all six miles of Big Snowbird was now DH from October to May, but it is evidently the 2.8 miles from the Junction (end of road) to a concrete bridge that crosses the creek about 2 miles up from the confluence of Little and Big Snowbirds.
Here is a link to a very brief article in the Graham Star:
If anyone goes a brief report would be great!
Tight lines,

Hey John - long time no talk to. I mentioned your name on a recent duck hunt with Duffey. If you get to fishing at the cabin, post a report or two.

Take care,
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