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Thanks guys. I have an old pair of felts (probably a couple) but wanting to do my bit to fight didymo, I went for Vibram several years ago. For Christmas this year I got a pair of Simms Vapor, the new lightweight hiking boot style, and those are the ones I'm considering for spikes or cleats.
My older pair of Vibram w/o spikes will be fine for the Caney - anything works there.
I guess my most frequent falls are on angled slabs. Got a bad dislocated shoulder at Cataloochee a few years ago when my feet slid forward and I sat heavily backwards. Then again I had a pretty bad fall last year at Cataloochee (is there a pattern here?) when my toe missed its grip stepping up to the bank and I went down on one knee, hard.
Seems to me that the aluminum cleats that Silver suggested may be the most effective for my situation. We will see...

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