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Originally Posted by HuskerFlyFisher View Post
Nice report! Can you explain a little more about how you fish downstream with the wet fly? Would you do it this way for nymphs too? Trying to learn all I can!

Personally, I only swing wet flies, but know some guys who swing nymphs. Instead of my trying to explain in words how to do it, just do a search on either youtube or vimeo for swinging wet flies and you will find numerous videos.

Keep in mind that Quill Gordon nymphs hatch along the bottom of the stream and then swim to the surface to eventually dry their wings. This is different than many other mayfly species present in East TN, and that is the reason a swinging wetfly presentation is so effective during this hatch. Give the link below a look as it gives lots of explanation about the Quill Gordon species.

Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
So you are the guy always fishing downstream making it hard on the rest of us. Hide beneath the cover of a marriage retreat, only to turn into a "swinger" the moment the class lets out. Shame on you
Guilty as charged!

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