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Originally Posted by volfisher View Post
We have hiked to Abrams falls together without a ton of trouble (it took about 2 hrs but speed isn't a big thing for us). So this sounds easier.
Its much harder than Abrams. Abrams is much flatter, is perfectly maintained as it's one of the busiest trails in park, has no crossings, and is almost impossible to get lost. If you are not used to walking Smokies manways I would go with someone first who can show you first hand what to do and where to go, then make the decision if it's ok for grandpa. Not trying to discourage you, just want you to be properly prepared. Besides the crossings, grandpa will have to climb over fallen trees a half dozen times, walk through a creek where trail disappears, clinb up a few hundred yards of loose rock (lots of new woobly rocks since last year), and with trail crossing so many times is easy to get on a really old unused path on wrong side.
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