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One note from my experience. The fabric-style (Gore-tex, or are nylon coated with water resistant chemicals) is going to degrade in performance with use. So; the more you use them; the more they degrade. Also; factors like fit and wear-tear play a big factor in their longevity.

The high tech fabric is more expensive than other materials.

In general; you pay for what you get. The higher priced waders include a better warranty and more comfortable fit. I generally go through a pair of waders about every 8-12 months. I am currently using the Simms G3 Waders and they are fabulous for my needs. However; I do have a small leak in the left knee. Simms is a great company and they have addressed all my warranty/repair issues with my satisfaction. I like this type of support and desire their excellent customer service.

One brand that has captured my interests are the Orvis Sonic Waders. I may try a pair the next time I upgrade.

I suggest anyone that purchases waders to buy a pair the fits well. I have long legs and desire the (L)-Long Fit when I purchase a size. Getting the best fit will help your waders last longer.
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