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Default Had a slow day myself

Fished Saturday on a stream in a certain valley on the NC side of the park, not far from the house. We got parked and hiked down the creek a ways and were probably on the water around 1:30 or so. Sun was out, saw a few bugs flyin around but nothing crazy. We didnt catch a fish, didnt see a fish, didnt miss a fish. Creek temps topped out at 46 that afternoon but nothing doing. Like youve said, we're still a couple weeks away from it gettin good.

Did have a strange encounter with a gentlemen who was pretty much a pecker head. Came tromping up the creek with waders on but no rod in hand. He wasnt familiar with the area, but wanted to ask questions, yet wouldnt talk flies because it was a 'secret'. When i answered one of his questions stating there were 'bows', among other species, in that particular creek he said 'cutthroats?!'. Wrong side of the mtns buddy, and by that I mean the Rockies lol. And to rub us the wrong way futher more, he continued to tromp thur the creek upstream, right where we were fixin to fish. Not cool. Anyways, sorry for my miny rant..

And if 'ole boy' is on this forum, ya might try and be more friendly on the creek next time. Just a thought
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