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Originally Posted by Stonefly View Post
Not sure you're talking about my wet fly, but here goes anyway: tail and wing are from some dark mallard I got from a duck hunting friend. I probably have a lifetime supply, esp given Silver's comment that at my age, life time isn't quite the deal it used to be. The wing is tied in forward position then taken back. The hackle is dun JV hen. This is the first time I've bleached the herls to strip, worked OK though I may have cooked some of them a bit too long. In the past I've always used an eraser; given that I don't tie a huge number of flies with stripped peacock, the eraser method is probably sufficient, though I do tie a fair number of serendipity type midges with a peacock body - they work really well on the Caney.

Actually i was just curious how you stripped the peacock herls. From looking at the fly I had a pretty good idea of what materials were used to tie the fly but, I appreciate the recipe.
I was hoping to tie some wet Quill Gordons for my next spring trip to the Smokies. I always seem to do better swing wets through a hatch than with dries. I guess it's because the fish were keying in on the emergers and not the duns.
Thanks everybody for sharing your peacock herl stripping methods.
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