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Originally Posted by Robinryder2 View Post
How'd did everyone do today? I had to work all day and couldn't get out. I figured there would be a ton of people out anyway. I'm gonna try and go tomorrow after my rec league bball game. That is unless it's coming a torrential downpour... And after checking the weather I'm afraid it will.

But as far as the young ladies out there flyfishing I pray I can meet the future Mrs. Robin Ryder on the river. Just as long as she doesn't out fish me too badly. Lmao
Hey, I have first dibs. Man, I have sure spent some serious time all over that river in the past five years and rarely see beautiful women. However; there have been a handful of days that some strange things happened. And, I mean strange things!

Anyhow; fishing started off slow for me until the water stabilized and the midges started to hatch. Took fish on #18 "Jim-E Midges" & #14 Gold Tungsten Herl Wraps in fast water conditions.
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