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Originally Posted by Robinryder2 View Post
I've caught one rainbow and one lake trout out of Norris. The rainbow was caught a year ago as my papaw and I were fishing for shellcrackers in the poor land creek vicinity near hickory star. The lake was 21" inches and I caught it crappie fishing at night off our houseboat at 33 bridge marina. That's was back in 2007. But I've seen and heard of maybe a dozen or so rainbows caught out of Norris.

But waterwolf, TWRA does stock two streams in Claiborne county that run into the Powell river. Both of which are in Harrogate.

Here's the rainbow from last year in Norris.
No kidding, which streams do they stock? I had no clue they put trout anywhere up there. Learn something new every day.
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