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Talking Friday Flop

A lot of trout fishing is trying to gauge expectations. After having a pretty good day a few weeks ago, I was a little disappointed with my next two trips to the park. A couple Saturdays ago Nathan and I both fished for 4 hours hard, and I only managed 3 fish to hand. While I'm willing to drag a double nymph combo, it is much more of a pain than a dry dropper. Al least I wasn't alone:

This week really started to feel like Spring and with the fishing guage pushed up from fair to excellent. Byron's fishing report has been making me anxious all week, and I was ready for some good fishing.

Unfortunately Thursday night got pretty cold and dropped the temp by 8 degrees. It was definitely enough to put them back into their Winter Coma

Here's where we went

The forest was starting to wake up from her slumber

This wasn't there the week before

Luckily we were headed in another direction

I guess this is why Mommy wouldn't let me play with sharp objects

There were tons of these guys out and about

And it looks like my wilderness first aid course paid off

Trillium are up and should be on display soon

Don't remember the name of this one but it sure is Purdy

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