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Originally Posted by Robinryder2 View Post
That's how I am with those streams. Kind of last resort or if I need a couple for the skillet. But you need to take a drive up there and look. It's really disheartening. Below the mill dam at gap creek there are literally 3 toilets in pieces scattered everywhere. It's sick. But as far as the bears go you're right. My dad has done some work for a guy that lives on Indian creek and on one trip the homeowner said dad missed seeing a bear by a matter of minutes. Something to keep in mind while keeping one eye out for the locals. Haha

Seeing how my father and I have had a couple bear encounters on tellico and north rivers, he didn't seem to mind. Lmao
It has been about 2 years since I fished last in that area. It was bad then. For the life of me; I wonder why the highway department or sheriff do not hide a few deer cams and catch some of these littering people. Then; post their names and offenses in the paper. Do this about once every 3-4 years and the area should police itself.
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