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Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
I use a size 14-16 most of the time. Focus on balancing the fly by allowing the gape to be clean (except for the thread/wire) and the top to catch it in the film. I like to add some trailing shuck at times. This fly will be tricky to spot; even though it floats. You can leave the head of the foam and little long when trimming to help. I have added colored fabric puff paint to the top of mine-helps a bit...takes hours to dry though...I tend to work it close to an active seam with short reach casts.

*Oh; one huge tip: Tie a very clean knot. If you have any heat memory in the tippet; the fly will present horribly as will most dry flies. I like to use a triple-Davy Knot with plenty of saliva. Then; Gink Wet the tippet from the fly head up 10" or so...Being mindful to not get it on the fly. This helps the fly to flow and present more naturally without having the tippet or line tension push it around.
14 and 16? Ill try and tie some up and give em a shot. I've been having some success on bunny midges and another midge dry pattern ive found. Here's the link for the bunny midge. I fish them in sizes 16-22. So simple and ive had A LOT of luck when the fish are actually rising and not just sipping emergers. I really want to tie some in 24 just for arguments sake and see what I can come up with.
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