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Originally Posted by Robinryder2 View Post
14 and 16? Ill try and tie some up and give em a shot. I've been having some success on bunny midges and another midge dry pattern ive found. Here's the link for the bunny midge. I fish them in sizes 16-22. So simple and ive had A LOT of luck when the fish are actually rising and not just sipping emergers. I really want to tie some in 24 just for arguments sake and see what I can come up with.
Yes, I tie them in larger sizes than the actual fly it mimics. My intent is that the bigger fly pierces the water film better and sits better in the surface than a small fly. Also; it tends to maintain a better posture with action. Plus; I think it sticks out a little more to fish in fast water.

I Like the bunny midge pattern. Thank you for sharing!
Just my style; slim and functional...!

  • BTW; mayflies are starting to release on the upper end lately. Good colors are olive with dark split case.
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