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Originally Posted by bigsur View Post
I just got in from the Clinch and made sure I took some pictures of fish just for you.
That also was nice of you to post in the fishin buddy post, I understand Stanta Claus
is still receivng physical and mental therapy after trying to keep up with you.
Still waiting on those pics

Not sure if it was the physical exertion, or my personality that scared him off

Originally Posted by chechem View Post
I'll be there in 2 weeks, so warn the brookies. Can't wait!
I warn every one I hook

Originally Posted by rivergal View Post
Enjoyed your wildflowers and fish photos.
Question- Did you have to walk very far to this location, and is it easy walking? I fished the gravel road at Tremont Saturday morning for a couple of hours, and caught 2 small fish on PA.
I bet if you fished that same stretch in the afternoon you would have had much better success. The fishing for me turned on a little after 1

I hiked somewhere between 4-5 miles total. I usually hike further but it's early in the year, I had the whole stream to myself, and pressure hasn't yet picked up yet. As for easy walking it's all relative. Pretty easy manway but you have to climb over downed trees, and if you are not used to following manways might get off course if you have never been there before. It's also the kind of place that when you get to know it is pretty simple by remote backcountry standards and a place I feel comfortable venturing alone. I'll be happy to take you up there. Elevation gain if pretty low at 400 ft a mile
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