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Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
Not sure if it was the physical exertion, or my personality that scared him off
Nothing wrong with your personality, I just felt badly about you having to double back to see if I'd had a heart attack or stroke every so often instead of concentrating of giving those brookies a sore lip.

To anybody entertaining thoughts of going fishing with Ducky, be advised that this man's motor runs at a whole different speed. Think high performance, high rev, turbo-charged sprint car. And he likes to crawl on his belly like a snake through rhododendron thickets that make bears and wild hogs think twice, and climb 30' waterfalls with his rod in his teeth for fun. Me, I'm more like a 1-ton diesel dually pickup truck with low-range gearbox stuck in granny gear. I don't go real fast, and I huff and puff and blow a fair amount of smoke, but I'll get there eventually.
Fly fishing - it's cheaper than a bass boat!
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