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Default Morel Recipe - That Works

Originally Posted by Bran View Post
I usually get a few but I haven't found any yet. Anyone want to share their recipes? I battered and fried the last batch but I don't know what I'm doing and ended up with some soggy mushrooms.
BTW we call them "hickory chicks" here around home. A lot of the old timers don't know what a morel is.


Your comment on most not knowing, is soooooo, spot on!!!! Thats why this Forum can be so great!!!

Here is a great recipe:

Upon finding a mess of morels.......3 eggs with 1/4 cup of milk mixed in a bowl and set off to the side.

1 pack of saltine crackers placed in a blender till a fine powder appears and placed in a separate bowl off to the side.

Skillet heated to medium hot, with 1/8th in. butter melted.

Dip morels in egg, wrap in saltine crumbs and fry in butter till golden brown. Touch of white wine............ is fine!!!

Place on a paper towel till warm.

Enjoy, my friend.


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