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Lightbulb Camera Find Home Tip

Originally Posted by jaysonalexander4 View Post
About two or three weeks ago I was up on Little River Trail fishing above the big bridge where the river crosses under the trail and managed to lose my GoPro Hero 2 camera with tripod attached. I'm pretty sure I walked off and left it right in the middle of the trail. If anybody has seen it or has heard of a find similar to this I would appreciate some info on it. A little late on posting about it, but better late than never.

I hope you get it back bud. One tip for your cameras is to take a picture of your mailing address from an envelope and save the picture outside of the normal directory on your camera. Then; write protect it from deletion (by clicking the file and right-clicking the mouse, then change the properties). Also; you can create a small text file with your address and save it on the card & camera memory as OwnerDetails.txt...etc...write protect it as well.

At least it gives you a better chance at getting it back.
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